The magic tree original edition

The magic tree original edition

This iconic toy made in Haute-Savoie (France) has crossed decades and generations
while keeping all of its
magic and authenticity.

There is everything in The magic tree!
A kitchen, a living room, a bedroom,
a bathroom, and even a garage
to replicate scenes from everyday life
while developing children’s imagination.

The original characters

MARTIN Klorofil
The dad
Violette  Klorofil
The mum
ROMARIN Klorofil
The little boy
CERISE Klorofil
The little girl
BASILIC Klorofil
The dog

Sylvain the dad, Violette the mum, Choupi the little boy, Choupette the little girl and Youpi the dog! A happy family that lives in this tree to invent many stories.

The tree’s secrets

The exact replica of the original decoration, accessories and activities to stage the five vintage characters.
True to the original version, the green “foliage” shell hides all accessories and characters . When the child presses the button, a whole world opens up to him to cultivate his imagination.

A living room with a sofa and an armchair.

The magic tree can be closed up quickly and easily carried thanks to its handle.

A bedroom with two beds.

A built-in swing.

A lift to wind up and down using the crank in the tree trunk.

A car with enough space for four Klorofil family members.

A bush-shaped kennel which Youpi the dog also uses as a hiding place.

A kitchen with a table and four chairs to re-enact scenes from the daily life with the 5 characters.

Comme un air de nostalgie

You remember? It was 40 years ago… the very first advertising for The magic tree!

You’ve spent hours inventing stories with The magic tree when you were child and now you dream to play with it with your own children. So did we!